20+ makers and entrepreneurs who inspired me

Making a thread of indie makers & entrepreneurs who inspired me, and what they taught me. #thread 👇

Strong marketing game, super hard work, can stream for 24 hours and currently leading a new streamer movement with the #24hrstartup challenge.
Make it bigger than yourself.
👉 @thepatwalls

Made the awesome getcssscan.com which Just Works and saved me hours and hours.
Make a simple, helpful product.
👉 @gvrizzo

Making the stylish @threader_app looking for maximum integration with Twitter (it might even become part of Twitter one day…)
Raise the bar for quality, look for seamless integrations.
👉 @marie_dm + @yesnoornext

Successfully monetized a tiny social network @wip without screwing his users, focusing on the maker community.
A small engaged community is enough.
👉 @marckohlbrugge

15yr old maker, made a Whatsapp bot that sends you wikipedia summaries, and many other projects.
Age doesn’t matter.
👉 @jajoosam

Strong Twitter game. Go study how he’s been building, launching and getting feedback in public for years, and why it works.
👉 @levelsio

Bought billboards to get kanye west on the phone.
Do unexpected things. Be bold.
👉 @harrydry

Find a simple problem and solve it elegantly.
Go global, go B2B.
👉 @fgrante and the hunter.io crew

He literally saves lives from online gaming addiction.
Info products are not all get rich quick schemes.
👉 @camerondare

Committed to ship music everyday for 100 days.
Discipline is hard.
👉 @internetVin

Writes awesome, well structured technical content at a crazy pace.
He owns tomorrow’s SERP about anything Javascript.
👉 @flaviocopes

Experiencing the compounding effect of SaaS, even in a crowded space.
👉 @sinequanonh from hyperping.io

carrd.co unexpectedly took off in Korea.
You can’t control your users.
👉 @ajlkn

made 50+ projects over the last 15 years, some sold, some shut down.
Be there for the long term.
👉 @Shpigford

It’s entirely up to you to define what success means.
Richard Branson could want a peaceful life and be miserable because he keeps building companies like an addict.
👉 @sivers

50 side projects and counting.
Just keeps shipping.
👉 @mubashariqbal

Left his job to focus on building his own products for a hardcore year.
Reduced expenses to the minimum, even if it means fighting the Bali wildlife with his bare hands when he walks home at night.
Go all in.
👉 @andreyazimov

From designer to blogger to $1M MRR SaaS.
A story of compound interest.
👉 @nathanbarry from ConvertKit

You can build a successful side project even in a very small niche
👉 @czue from Place Card Me

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